Monday, 21 July 2014

Day 18 - That's all Folks !

Hi my friends.  Well, I have a few final photo's to show you of our last day in Las Vegas.  I apologise for not posting over the weekend.

We slept most of Saturday!  It was lovely sleeping in our own beds :-)  Sunday, I caught up on all the laundry and we went to visit some friends for a little celebration.

We celebrated with a bottle of fizz.  To Andy, for knowing that he is coming home at the end of August for good!  For Simon, who qualified for the International Triathlon Competition in Chicago next year - he will be representing Canada along with his team mates.

And finally but by no means least - to a fabulous lady, Tamsyn, who has completed her breast cancer treatment and got to Ring the Bell, whilst we were away - you beat it :-)

It was so nice to catch up with them and thank them for looking after Jess, our cat.  Jess was a little elusive when we got home, but once she realised it was us, she gave us lots of cuddles and purrs.  She has also spent the last couple of days not very far from anyone, I think she is making sure that we do not leave her again :-)

I have a few photo's to share with you - so grab a drink and rest your feet awhile.

Andy decided to go up to the top of the Stratosphere - not something I was prepared to do - to high for me!

Here you can see it in the distance.

Got some wonderful photo's of  the Las Vegas plateau. 

There were these two different rides at the top of the Stratosphere.  Andy did not, I repeat, not go on either of them!

Obviously, there are some very brave people out there!

Looking up, from the bottom.

We walked back through The Venetian hotel, to get to our hotel next door.  This was the canal and gondola, running through the inside.

Just like walking through the centre of Venice!

This lady was standing so still!  And as one of my followers pointed out - where's the face?  This will have to do for today LOL!

Walking across one of the bridges, we took one last photo of the Las Vegas strip.

There you go my friends.  Fabulous last day.  I dosed up on Gravol for the flight home and slept most of the flight, which was great!  Perfect landing too!

So glad to be getting back to normal.  Andy goes back to Winnipeg today, but we are now on countdown to him coming home!

Thank you all for your comments and for following along on our adventure.

I hope to be around to visit you all this week and catch up with what you have been upto!

Craft room, here I come :-)

Happy crafting.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Day 17 - Vivaaa Las Vegas part deux and fini !

If you are here for my Polkadoodles post - click here :-)

Hi everyone, well we had another fabulous day yesterday, here in Las Vegas.  I know I said I probably wouldn't post today, but I have explained at the end of this post :-)

Andy left in the wee hours of the morning, well 5.45am, to get his transport to the airfield for his helicopter flight.  The girls and I had a really lazy morning :-)

Time for you to grab a coffee or beverage of some sorts.  Andy took some amazing photos and will share just a small portion with you :-)  Apologies for the picture overload.

Starting off over Lake Mead.

Some of these formations, look so amazing!

This one is amazing as you can see how big the lake is and Andy managed to catch the cloud reflection in the lake.

The Hoover Dam.

See the white line of rock, well, that is where the water levels should be!  Apparently it is down by 100ft of water!

A great scenic view of the Hoover Dam.

Here comes the Grand Canyon.  Such a different view to see the canyon from the air.  Amazing!

The sheer size of this place, just amazes me.

On top of this crevice, you see the road just ends at this viewing point!!  There is even a walk to the very tip, something I would definitely not do!

At the top of this crevice, you can just make out a building, that is where the glass bridge is, and that is what they look down into!!!

The Colorado River, running through the Canyon.

Why not sneak in a face!   I can see it, can you?

Oh my goodness - fabulous and breath-taking.

I just love the forms - so wonderful.

A close up of the one above.  It so looks like old ruins.

Another amazing scene.

And one final photo of the Colorado river, meandering through the Canyon.

These are just but a few of the photo's that Andy took.

We also went out in the afternoon for a little walkabout.  These photo's were taken inside the Forums Shopping Mall.  

This is actually inside the Forums.  Amazing and like walking through a great city.  The domed ceiling made to look like the sky.

The Paris Hotel and Casino!

We also managed to catch the Bellagio Fountains.  The music they played was quite ironic "Singing in the Rain"  LOL!

I don't know about "Singing in the Rain", but I could quite happily have jumped in there!  The temperature was 106f (41c), phew!

And there ends the visit for today and the end to one amazing road trip vacation!  We had fantastic weather and amazing experiences.

We booked an extra night in the hotel for tonight, although we aren't actually staying the night LOL!  We would have had to check out by 11am this morning, and we as we don't have to fly until 11pm tonight it would have made for a rather long day, with nowhere to crash if we felt like.  So we held on to the room and therefore, we can go out and about but still come back here to cool off and then get ready for our flight home tonight.

Which meant of course that I could also get this post done :-)

Not sure if there will be much else to show you, but I think Day 18 I will do a reflection and maybe some tips about doing such a long road trip. ;-)

We will be back at home by tomorrow midday and will see our lovely cat Jess :-)  She has been well looked after by our close friends, whilst we have been away.

Sigh!  The end of one amazing vacation, we have had the most fabulous time and though sorry to see it come to an end, am looking forward to the comforts of being in our own home and beds :-)

Thank you all for following along on our vacation.

Have a fabulous rest of the summer my friends and normal - crafting - service will resume soon :-)

Thanks for stopping by.

Happy summer !

And in the midst of it all - a card!

Hi everyone.

For those of you who have been following my blog and our vacation.  I will finish the final couple of posts over the weekend for Day 17/18.  Andy had a fabulous helicopter trip and got some amazing pictures for me to share.

We checkout of our hotel today and unless I get chance at the airport, I will not have internet access or probably the time to do my post.  Will be dosing myself up on Gravol and hopefully have a good flight home :-)

We have had a fantastic vacation and although sad to see it end, am looking forward to our home comforts and our own beds, and of course returning to our beautiful cat, Jess !

My card for the new challenge at Polkadoodles.  We are inspiration week this week, and the theme is Add a Twinkle (it doesn't have to be Christmas).

Before leaving for vacation, I made this shaped easel card, using the pre-coloured Christmas pudding from the new Festive Hollibobs Work and Play collection.

On this fabulous sentiment - I added some gold Sakura pen.

My twinkle, the gem currants :-)

All the elements are from the CD.  I used my Silhouette Cameo to design the card, and therefore cut an icing layer from one of the wonderful backing papers.

I coloured some pearl dots with a red Copic pen, for the berries on the holly.  Plenty of twinkle don't you think :-)  The gems are from Flourish with A Bling and are Antique Brown, I was lucky enough to win a challenge at Just Inspirational Challenges, thank you.

Your turn to get ahead on some Christmas crafting and enter our challenge at Polkadoodles.

Here is the collection I used.  Festive Hollibobs Work & Play collection.

**FESTIVE HOLLYBOBS Work & Play Collection

Thanks for stopping by today.

Happy crafting.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Day 16 - Vivaaaa Las Vegas!

Hi everyone.  What a fabulous day we had yesterday, if not a little foot weary :-)

I think we must have walked for miles - well it felt like it anyways.  Luckily, there are a lot of cool walk ways through the casinos, and not too much outside in the heat.

Just to let you know, we aren't the gambling type and to be honest probably wouldn't have a clue how to use the machines anyway!  We passed one slot machine that had a prize of over $438,000!!  We would probably lose any monies, just trying to work out what to do.  But we are enjoying the atmosphere and another item off of our bucket list :-)

We took the monorail, to the one end of the city - to the Mandalay Bay where we went in to the see the Shark Reef.  Unfortunately, Andy's camera wasn't playing well in the dim light, but I do have some photos.

This Komodo Dragon was huge!

Oh no, Emily and Shannon being attacked by the sharks!  Oh, phew! Just a reflection :-)

Insert, music!  Duh d, duh d, duh d.duhdduhdduhd :-)

Beautiful Lion fish - didn't hear him roar though :-)

Think this Star fish, really did think he was a star!  "Night Fever, Night Feverrr!" 

And of course!!!!  The face in the reef :-)

Then we took a few photo's outside and went for some late afternoon lunch/supper.  Here are a couple of New York, New York.

We decided to then head back to the hotel for an hour or so, before once again heading out and off to The Rio to see Penn & Teller.

Our seats, were fabulous!  Just the 3rd row from the front, and guess what!  Andy got nabbed to go up on stage and help them do a trick!  Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photos of that part :-(  But Andy played his part well :-)

We managed to get a couple of photos taken with the duo, but separately :-)

With Penn :-)

And Teller :-)

Fabulous night and the girls enjoyed it too, and we rolled into bed at around mid-night.  Hence the late posting of this, as I type it up this morning.

Andy left at around 5.45am, he is going on his helicopter trip this morning :-)  If you have been following along, you will know that originally this had been planned for the beginning of our vacation, but got cancelled because of a storm.

Today, we are off out and about Vegas again, but not till Andy gets back - so a leisurely start to the day for us girls :-)  We will be out this evening, to see the lights etc and will hopefully have more to share with you tomorrow.

Thanks for all your lovely comments and see you soon.

Thanks for stopping by.